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The Timeless Tales
of Reginald Bretnor

selected and edited by Fred Flaxman
Story Books, 1997

Fifteen of Bretnor's best short stories, never before printed together in one volume. This is a 223-page, hand-numbered, limited first edition quality softcover, and is available directly from the editor (ISBN 1-891513-00-1).

" enduring pleasure...
delightful... wonderful reading...
humor successfully brought off...
a high and rare accomplishment...
a master of the short story."

- Poul Anderson

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Fred Flaxman
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Weaverville, NC 28787

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About the Author

Introduction by Poul Anderson

1. Cat

A professor learns to understand and speak Cat - the language. Or is he faking it and fooling everyone?

2. Maybe Just a Little One

A high school physics teacher learns how to get nuclear power from Mexican beans, but his discovery is not exactly appreciated by the outside world!

3. Unknown Things

An antique collector will pay virtually any price for items he can't figure out.

4. Bug-Getter

A starving artist, living in terrible conditions, has to fight with collection agencies, landlords, and an invasion of crickets which are destroying his paintings.

5. Aunt's Flight

Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly alone across the Atlantic -- but he was not the first person to do so.

6. Dr. Birdmouse

Dr. Vandercook, from Earth, lands on the planet Eetwee, where it turns out each inhabitant is a curious blend of species. Vandercook knows he has it made on Earth if he can bring a few of these creatures back on his spaceship. But that's not so easy to do.

7. Man on Top

Geoffrey Barbank may have given the world the impression that he was the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, but his conscience and his climbing partner know better.

8. Beasts that Perish

There is an epidemic of fatal, one-car crashes. A top-secret government team is assigned to find out why.

9. Without (General) Issue

Why the Commander-in-Chief absolutely refuses to permit women officers as members of Space Force First Contact teams.

10. Mating Season

In a California boarding house, the tenants find out that two of the boarders are to be married. The tall and skinny looks of the couple results in a running joke about the young woman being a praying mantis and the young man her mate. The joke gets out of hand.

11. Mrs. Pigafetta Swims Well

Pietro, a famous and handsome Italian opera singer, is rescued by Mrs. Pigafetta following a ship wreck. Love blossoms between them until she brings up the subject of marriage. Pietro then awakes to the fact that she's half fish and does not sing too well!

12. The Murderers' Circle

Why is the murder rate so low in England compared to the United States? The startling truth is revealed.

13. Paper Tiger

The differences between the United States and China are finally resolved as the result of a unique meeting of their top leaders.

14. Fungo the Unrighteous

Can King Fungo and his beloved Clysomel reign over their prosperous and happy three kingdoms, despite the dreadful predictions of the royal astrologer?

15. All the Tea in China

A young man learns how the Devil punished his great uncle for his greed and mean spirit.